Designing Bags and Shoes for Young Women Using Modern Tapestry

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Elham Farahmandaliabad
Fatemeh Maleksabet
Elham Zare


Clothing is a material sign of a cultural communication system; And weaving is one of the basic experiences of mankind, and among the interesting weaves is the tapestry weave, which is woven from the weave of tangled threads, the compressed chords in the form of a strong patterned and symmetrical surface, it has a design; A visual texture that is a subset of fiber art; And fashion, a phenomenon that exists more or less among the social strata and can be used in the design of modern bags and shoes for young women who follow the clothing of the Vionic brand. The purpose of this article is to apply the tapestry texture and appropriate materials in bags and shoes and boom in the clothing market, innovation in the design of women's bags and shoes and change the evolution in the visibility of an art; It is obvious that today bags and shoes are an important and inseparable part of the look and style, so we will give double glory with how to create the charm and appeal of women's bags and shoes, which is a combination of modern art and tapestry escape. Due to the fact that tapestry has a fancy and formal style, it is suggested that bags and shoes become more practical and can be used in all places. It is also possible to create a new world in the clothing market by using the art of tapestry in bags and shoes. The current research method is descriptive and its purpose is applied. To collect information related to the literature of the subject and the background of the research, a library method was used, and a qualitative research method was used to collect information to confirm or reject the research hypotheses. Rami tapestry can be displayed from models and textures, thread and various basic tools, scissors heads and cloth and simple and sometimes very beautiful and practical tools.


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