Investigating the Place of Patchwork in Fashion

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Farnoush Foroughi


One type of handicrafts in Iran is the beautiful art of 40-piece embroidery. Forty pieces are a part of popular art and a language that expresses the culture and customs of every nation, and in the first step, they should be examined based on local and climatic components. But it is worth mentioning that these works, in addition to having local characteristics, also have a valuable place in contemporary art and are an inspiration for the creation of works of art for the artists of today's modern world. In forty-piece embroidery, colorful pieces of fabric in different sizes are sewn together, and it is known as forty-piece embroidery because of the juxtaposition of many pieces of fabric. The use of 40-piece embroidery in many items such as quilts, bedspreads, cushions, and today, with its entry into the world of fashion, has created a new evolution. Also, the works that are still sewn and used without any special patterns and methods, unaware that these works can be very valuable for our cultural and anthropological studies, but few people are aware of them. In this article, the art of patchwork and its application in clothing and fashion design have been discussed, and examples of the designs of famous designers in the world have been discussed.


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