Peace Dress Design Based on Globalization Phenomenon

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Moloud Charaki
Salar Zohoori


Clothing is one of the most important characteristics of the culture of any civilization. Humans have always been thinking about the evolution of their clothing style and also the initiative and innovation in bringing about its diversity, to show their appearance in the most beautiful way possible in the society. Therefore, people's clothes should have a beautiful and creative design and color, suitable for the environment and the fashion of the society. Therefore, creativity in the field of clothing design has a special importance and position and can play an important role. The importance and motivation of this research is the design of peace clothes in line with the phenomenon of globalization in the design and sewing of modern clothes with intelligent creativity. In this article, the design of peace clothes is specifically discussed. These clothes have been examined from two approaches. The first approach is to design clothes that clearly inspire a sense of peace by using peaceful elements, and also in the second approach to design peaceful clothes that can walk in line with the globalization phenomenon in the fashion and clothing industry. In the following, with the design of the mood board and the findings regarding the effectiveness and uses of the peace dress, as well as the peaceful elements around the world and all cultures and societies, the digital implementation of the initial plans will be carried out in this direction. After approving the desired designs using the Color Board, the new digital design method (Technical Fashion) was used to implement them, and also, creative designs were designed using artificial intelligence capabilities. In terms of method, the current research is descriptive and analytical, and in terms of structure, it has an applied purpose, which has been used to collect data in the form of an observational library method.


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