Fashion Mood Board Design of Sportswear Using Photomontage Technique

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Esmat Takkharani


In the art of clothing design, finding ideas and producing creativity is an integral part of this science. The design of clothing, which is the product of the designer's mind, is examined and noticed or criticized in the course of the contemporary society. The main purpose of this article is to use mood board design with the help of photomontage technique, which is a new method of mood board design to create a collection of girls' sportswear. In this regard, the designs made use of the digital mood board method, which has led to the design of many creative collections using the photomontage technique and along with visual creativity in the field of girls' sportswear in an artistic and modern way, which is a kind of upward course of diversification and tendency to innovation and a kind of norm-breaking to the tendencies of today's society in the life of today's modern teenage girls satisfy. Reul Haussmann has introduced the beginning of this science with the Berlin Dadaists who used this art in the 40s. The photomontage and combined photos of this work are the result of the creator's vision and creative thought to present a work that uses two or more components to achieve this coherent whole. What is certain is that photomontage is not a photo, because it is not taken, but made, and it is in the collection of applied arts, and thus the designer has been able to use the photomontage capabilities in the mood board using images and inspirations. It is to present a different design compared to the common traditional designs. The use of energetic and warm colors in the above collections, the sense of movement and the broken and diagonal lines on the clothes, all show a sense of excitement. All the elements placed on the mood board page express the designer's goal in designing that mood board.


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