Bicycle Helmet Design Using Gyro Technology

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Reyhaneh Eslamimehrjardi


Medical evidence shows that skull injuries and brain injuries are the most important cause of death in cycling accidents. Due to the growing acceptance of bicycles as transportation within and outside the city, it is necessary to use a hat. A helmet prevents severe head injuries in the event of a fall or accident. In this article, an attempt has been made to design a new helmet that has a different structure compared to other helmets. The final helmet is designed with the inspiration of the car airbag system, and its performance is such that when a person crashes and falls, it opens like a car airbag and prevents the cyclist from head injuries. The helmet's electronic system uses a multi-axis gyro sensor and the helmet is filled with a compressed gas capsule. The working method in this article is descriptive-experimental. By observing and examining the hats available in the market and registered patents, laboratory observations and reviewed articles, article analysis was done. The results of the research showed that the designed helmet has more protection than the old helmets, and the new design and its use bring more comfort and visibility to the cyclist.


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