Examination and Study of Zero Energy Buildings in the Case Study of BCA Academy, Masder Institute

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Mehdi Tavakoli Kazeruni
Nazanin Sabetan


The energy crisis and the pollution caused by the fossil fuels combustion and the increasing acceleration towards the use of these resources have led human beings to use clean and renewable energies. The fossil energy resources’ limitation and the its price increasing and the lack of security and stability of the energy market along with the pollution and the earth warming have caused that designers search ways to realize zero energy architecture. Zero energy buildings with the intelligent use of renewable technologies creates balance between energy consumption and production. In these buildings, we are witness that as a part of the surrounding environment and nature, they not only does not cause the energy loss, does not cause environmental pollution, and does not have a negative impact on human health, but also with reserve and optimize energy consumption, having materials that are compatible with the climate and being in the ecosystem cycle, moves towards the sustainable development goals realization. The present research wants to find solutions for achieving zero energy architecture by the successful case examples study in the world in five categories; passive solar system, lighting performance improvement, the building envelope performance improvement, energy load management of devices and equipment, and using renewable resources. And the conducted studies indicate that passive solar solutions have more efficiency and variety than other solutions.


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Tavakoli Kazeruni, M., & Sabetan, N. (2024). Examination and Study of Zero Energy Buildings in the Case Study of BCA Academy, Masder Institute. International Journal of Applied Arts Studies (IJAPAS), 9(1), 85-94. Retrieved from http://ijapas.ir/index.php/ijapas/article/view/452
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