Fabric Design for Men's Upper Body Undergarment to Improve Dandruff Dermatitis

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Fatemeh Farahmand
Seyedali Yahyazadehvaghefi
Salar Zohoori


This article is based on descriptive - experimental method, and have dealt with new designs of men's upper body (or vest) undergarments, which are in two areas of fabric and clothing design with the ability to cure the dandruff dermatitis. Dandruff dermatitis is a skin disease that is more common in men and its initial symptoms are redness, itching and inflammation on the scalp head, face, the area that integrates with the abdomen and upper chest which causes the scaling, inflammation and itching. In this article, an attempt has been made by designing clothes vest (undergarment) and torso that make good contact with the chest area helps to improve the disease. First, the fabric used in this research was electrospun by the active ingredient of Pyrithione Zinc. In the undergarment design section, for better and appropriate coverage in the chest sternum region, two methods were used, as springs in the embroidered box as well as adjustable tape with the ability to separate from the torso. The designs are inspired by motifs taken from embossed molding belonging to the Sassanid period and also unglazed earthenware vases discovered from the Shush region. Finally, clothes were designed that other than just covering the desired area can help to improve dandruff dermatitis.


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Farahmand, F., Yahyazadehvaghefi, S., & Zohoori, S. (2022). Fabric Design for Men’s Upper Body Undergarment to Improve Dandruff Dermatitis. International Journal of Applied Arts Studies (IJAPAS), 7(2), 73-88. Retrieved from http://ijapas.ir/index.php/ijapas/article/view/369
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Salar Zohoori, Department of Textile Engineering, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran

Instructor, Faculty of Art and Architecture