Design of Portable Fabric Pots by Hydroponic Method

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Behnoosh Soltani
Salar Zohoori
Abolfazl Davoodi Rokanabadi


This article, which has been done by descriptive experimental method, has investigated the possibility of designing cloth pots and the growth and development of plants on the fabric bed. In this paper, the hydroponic method is used and the fabric is first supplemented with ammonium nitrate and two substrate samples are prepared for growing wheat seeds (soil, fabric) with the same conditions and parameters. Then seed growth on each substrate was examined for ten consecutive days. The altitude measured in these ten days showed that the plants had a gradual growth and did not show much deviation compared to the soil bed. Then, they designed fabric vases and in the fabric design of these vases, forms with vertical and horizontal lines, diagonal lines and accordion volumes were used. Also, in the color design section, dark spectrum colors have been used to prevent root rot that does not allow light to pass through, and finally, eight fabric pots have been designed and implemented.


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Soltani, B., Zohoori, S., & Davoodi Rokanabadi, A. (2022). Design of Portable Fabric Pots by Hydroponic Method. International Journal of Applied Arts Studies (IJAPAS), 6(4), 71-78. Retrieved from
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Salar Zohoori, Design & Clothing Department, Imam Javad University College, Yazd, Iran

Instructor, Faculty of Art and Architecture