Screening the Criteria for Tradition and Modernism in Iranian Academic Buildings Using Fuzzy Delphi Technique

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Afsaneh ModaresiRafat
Hossein Soltanzadeh
Mehrdad Matin


Fundamental changes in Iranian architecture from the middle of the Qajar era contracted Iranian architecture flow in a different direction from the past and affected the building. One of the influential currents in contemporary Iranian architecture is the formation of modern architectural currents and, consequently, the combination of modern architecture and traditional architecture. Traditional fusion and modernism are clearly reflected in the body of several buildings, including academic buildings. This study aims to extract and screen the criteria for tradition and modernism in academic buildings, especially “faculties”. This study uses a mixed methodology. Criteria are explored using semi-structured interviews using grounded theory methodology. The strategy used in the quantitative step is screening using the fuzzy Delphi technique. For this purpose, the criteria governing tradition and modernism are extracted through attributional analysis and desk research. Accordingly, the text of the interview was edited. The results of the interviews were imported into ATLAS.ti, yielding the criteria for tradition and modernism in the faculties. A questionnaire was then developed to assess each criterion's contribution from the perspective of students and faculty. They were purposefully distributed to screen and evoke tradition and modernism in faculty buildings using the fuzzy Delphi and MATLAB techniques. According to the results, for modern criteria, “Free plan”, “segregation of spatial realms” and “avoiding ornaments and excessive simplicity”, belong to the rank of VL membership degree. On the other hand, for traditional criteria, “confinement hierarchy”, and “yard arrangement using natural elements”, Belong to the membership degrees VL, and VL, respectively.


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ModaresiRafat, A., Soltanzadeh, H., & Matin, M. (2021). Screening the Criteria for Tradition and Modernism in Iranian Academic Buildings Using Fuzzy Delphi Technique. International Journal of Applied Arts Studies (IJAPAS), 5(4), 21-40. Retrieved from