Revitalizing the Traditional Home Values of Shiraz in Today's Residential Complex

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Samaneh Toranj
Mehdi Tavakoli Kazerouni


Traditional and historic house architecture in Iran, because of its special principles and values, is one of the patterns and honors of the architecture of this region and what is certain is to ignore and destroy those values ​​in new living spaces. The name is housing. For this reason, since housing is the largest and most important man-made artifact, the application of traditional home architectural values ​​can have a significant impact on the design process of residential complexes. In this regard, due to the disruptions in the residential spaces of our society today (Shiraz), it is necessary to pay attention to the concept of architectural values ​​of traditional houses of Shiraz such as (introversion, privacy, flexibility, climate, nature). Following this view in this study, different aspects such as: recognizing the values ​​of traditional houses architecture, identifying the features of contemporary residential architecture and improving the quality level of residential complexes based on traditional architecture values ​​of Shiraz are the goals of this study. The present research is by nature a qualitative research and data collection method as a library study. Library studies include topics such as traditional home values ​​in Shiraz and the matching of traditional housing with modern housing. The use of the S.O.W.T table has also been used to better analyze the site in question. The results show that some of the changes that have taken place in contemporary homes, such as the elimination of open space and interiors in today's houses, lack of attention to hierarchy and privacy in home spaces and residential complexes, lack of proper space for interaction. Neighbors and disregarding the behavioral needs of residents and their lifestyles have led to instability in contemporary homes. Finally, according to surveys, solutions are offered to create residential complexes that provide suitable living conditions and human comfort and traditional home architectural values.


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