The Role of Intellectual Influences in Enriching the Artistic Print

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Shady Abd-elfattah Abu-ridah


The research includes a study of the relationship between motives and influences and events that revolve around the artists of the artistic print, and affect the formation of their thought and artistic style, and determine what those influences, through a review of a range of printed artwork, resulting from these intellectual influences.

There is no doubt that artistic creativity is one of the most important and complex intellectual issues, because it is related to the hidden sensations of the artist resulting from the intellectual influences and motives surrounding him, which resulted in his artistic work; therefore, the researcher sought to identify the motives and intellectual influences that influenced the formation of the mind, imagination and conscience of the artist of the contemporary artistic print, and discover new or unclear contents in his artistic output, to reduce the gap between him and art connoisseurs. As a result of these influences, the artistic print evolved form and content with the development and penetration of modern arts in the depth of the daily life of the contemporary artist, where the artist tended to develop his artistic methods in order to interpretation the formal and aesthetic aspects, and to meet his intellectual needs, and emerged in the new technological environment modern works were a reason Directly in a significant and tangible change of both form and content in modern and contemporary graphic arts.


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