Urban Recreation a Cultural Approach in Historical Textures (Case Study: Moses Beyki Historical Complex, Yazd, Iran)

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Samira Alizaehmoghadam
Maliheh Zakerian


Historical textures of each city are a reminder of the city's identity, and the lack of attention to this valuable work led to destroy the identity of the cities over time. Some of Iran's cities have valuable historical textures that, unfortunately, some of them due are destroying to lack of sufficient attention. Conserving and recreating historical texture, which is a component of the cultural constituents of every society, is essential and its realization requires to the continuous cultural activities. The studies done by planners and designers of the city, architects and others show the fundamental role of culture in organizing and restoring cities. The restoration of monuments in different regions makes culture a value and attraction, and it is very effective in keeping alive the native and local cultures of each city.

The data of this research is collect in the form of documentary, library and field studies. The present study by improving the existing situation of the desired site try by considering the culture of society provides strategy and policies. By determining the position of the studied area in SWOT matrix, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats have been identified and strategies have been identified for recreation of the desired area. Then, using the QSPM method, the prioritization of the strategies presented in the previous step was done. Finally, the strategies obtained from the QSPM method were selected with the scores of, 7.98 and 7.86, respectively as top strategies. The results show that the role of internal factors and offensive strategies or strength-opportunity and as well as some conservative strategies are more effective in achieving to the recreation of this site.


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Alizaehmoghadam, S., & Zakerian, M. (2019). Urban Recreation a Cultural Approach in Historical Textures (Case Study: Moses Beyki Historical Complex, Yazd, Iran). International Journal of Applied Arts Studies (IJAPAS), 4(1), 7-24. Retrieved from http://ijapas.ir/index.php/ijapas/article/view/239