Content Validation of a Checklist to Evaluate Therapists' Competency in Delivering Magic Tricks

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Hon K. Yuen
Kevin Spencer


The aim of this study is to describe the development and content validation of a magic performance evaluation checklist. Content validation process consisted of two stages. Stage 1 was item generation and stage 2 was item evaluation where 16 professional magicians evaluated items generated from stage 1 for relevance. In Stage 2, each magician independently rated the relevance of each item in the checklist. A content validity index was used to determine the percentage of agreement among the ratings. Stage 1 resulted in a 5-item checklist which included essential skills needed to perform magic. Each item was rated on a three-point scale. The scale content validity index of the checklist was 0.99, which was well above the set criterion of 0.8. Content of the magic performance evaluation checklist was considered relevant to evaluate the ability of rehabilitation therapists to demonstrate magic tricks which provides a benchmark of competency for them to teach magic tricks to children.


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