Designing Fabric Promotional Gift (Case Study: Sewing Machine Manufacturer)

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Laleh Fadaei
Salar Zohoori
Mohammadreza Bagherilori


The lack of supplies and complimentary products of factories is one of the problems that are being considered in today’s world. The souvenir set designs for sewing machine factories can be a better approach for advertisement. Environmental protection is the duty of every human being. The earth is the home of humans and all individuals must be careful in environmental protection and spend their energy and income on green environment for the community. In this context, special promotions to develop a cultural background among people gains importance. In this paper, an attempt has been made to use a fabric base to design accessories and promotional gifts (or complimentary gifts) for sewing machine factories, which can both semantically relate to the factories’ final product and be environmentally suitable. Accordingly, after conducting the examination, the designs related to the concept of factory products (e.g. form of yarn or needle) were made with reference to the research objectives, and initial sketches were drawn and printed on the cotton fabric via silk printing technique. The results revealed an improvement of concept transferred to the audience along with advertising and efficiency related to factory products. The designs were consistent with factory products and efforts were made to preserve the environment.


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Fadaei, L., Zohoori, S., & Bagherilori, M. (2019). Designing Fabric Promotional Gift (Case Study: Sewing Machine Manufacturer). International Journal of Applied Arts Studies (IJAPAS), 3(2), 41-50. Retrieved from
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Salar Zohoori, Islamic Azad University, Yazd Branch

Instructor, Faculty of Art and Architecture