Graphic Design Values in Educational Gaming Cards

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Mohammad Farashahian


In history, games have always been there and companion of children and youth. Today, ancient traditional and education games have been forgotten and replaced by destructive computer games. Card games are among the traditional tools that can be used for educational purposes. This article seeks to introduce the process of producing and innovative product called CARTIN and answers to the question regarding the key characteristics of the graphic values of educational card games. The aim of this research is to present a suitable graphical approach for the development of the cards by considering the graphic fundamentals and standardization with respect to wide space and its popularity in the community. The study is practical and conducted with a descriptive-analytical method. The data collection is through library and field survey. The appearance, new design, innovative graphic and packaging materials are significant. Using warm, happy, lively, transparent and bright colors along with appropriate logotypes will be beneficial in organizational identity. Suitable size for the card has been 9 by 5.7 cm and 250 grams glossy cardboard material with a UV cover.


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